Bridgeport Mayor Ganim and City of Bridgeport Provide Update on Estimated $18 Million City Milling and Paving Improvement Projects

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Bridgeport, CT – Bridgeport Mayor Ganim announced that the City of Bridgeport Engineering Department and Public Facilities have moved into Phase 2 of a $2.5 million City-wide milling and paving project as well as continuation of a $15 million, 100% federally funded safety improvement project to improve City of Bridgeport intersections on Main Street.

In Phase 2 of the city-wide street paving project, milling and paving will include two remaining streets in the 132nd district and streets in the 133rd – 136th districts to be completed by September 25th, 2020. 130th and 131st districts were completed in Phase 1.

Additionally, paving is now underway with the Main Street safety improvement project. Residents are advised to expect detours or closures due to construction from North to South at the intersections of Keachele/Main Street, ending at the intersection of Golden Hill/Main Street.

Keachele/Main St
Vincelette/Main St
Frenchtown/Main St
Summitt/Main St
Hunting/Main St
Hawley/Main St
Capitol/Main St
Grand/Main St
Golden Hill/Main St

Milling and paving was completed at seven intersections and state of the art equipment was installed at each intersection, including: decorative black mast arms, signal lights, ADA compliant ramps, and sidewalks. This project is administered by the city, with signals being owned and maintained by the City of Bridgeport. The improvement provides signals, markings, signage, and accessibility to all drivers and pedestrians, especially those pedestrians with disabilities.

The city is reminding residents, and specifically drivers to give yourself time traveling, be cautious, and

1. Adhere to “No Parking” signs that may be posted to roadways 24 hours prior to paving. These areas will be enforced, and towing will take place if a car is parked on a road that is planned to be paved.

2. Follow detour signs that will be posted while paving is taking place. Please plan accordingly and understand that it may take extra time to get to your destination.

3. Drive carefully and look out for raised structures and manhole covers that may still be exposed and raised until paving has taken place.

For more information, visit the City of Bridgeport Public Facilities website at

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