City of Bridgeport Awarded $434,000 Federal Grant to Improve Port Security and Water Rescue Equipment

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Bridgeport, CT – Mayor Ganim, Bridgeport Federal delegation members, EOC Director Scott Appleby, Bridgeport Fire Chief Thode, and Police Department members joined to announce that the City of Bridgeport has been awarded a $433,616 federal grant to improve port security and water rescue equipment to ensure that the city’s security infrastructure is established, and able to save lives and property.

The allocation of the federal Port Security grant will benefit three City of Bridgeport projects:

Virtual Shield Protect Our Port initiative – $280,312

Replacement of 25 cameras, 1 server, and 9 wireless links at Bridgeport Harbor, replacement of 15 cameras and installation of 10 cameras at the Bridgeport Ferry Terminal. Port Critical Infrastructure Key Resources Ingress/Egress routes to receive 25 access points, 50 camera licenses, labor, and hardware.

Police Maritime Security Vessel Equipment – $105,345

Police Respond Vessels equipment to be replaced: 30′ Derektor, 2 outboard propulsion engines, generator, fenders, and batteries. 21′ Zodiac outboard propulsion engine, search light, battery and charging systems. Additionally, radio communications on all vessels will be replaced.

Zodiac Rescue Boat Replacement – $47,959

Replacement of 24 year old, 12’ Fire Department Zodiac Rescue Boat

Mayor Ganim, “As Bridgeport’s waterfront becomes more robust with economic development and recreational activities, having the security infrastructure for our harbors is imperative to supporting the growth. Port security and safety initiatives are critically important in saving lives and the functionality of the State’s largest city, and second largest port.”

EOC Director Scott Appleby stated, “These port monies allow us to become more resilient from all types of hazards but, most importantly, it’s a proven strategy that we’ve developed here in Bridgeport to protect our port which has been largely funded by our federal delegation. We hope to continue that because there is a lot more growth here in the City of Bridgeport going on.”

Senator Blumenthal stated, “Our ports have tremendous, unrealized potential for commercial and recreational purposes. What we are doing here is investing in our ports—both security and rescue – so we can tap that potential in the future.”

Congressman Himes stated, “We’re a small state—we have two senators and five members of Congress. The only way we win these grants is by working together as a family. We think differently about a lot of things, but we come together to fight hard for the kinds of resources that will go to work in Bridgeport to keep things safe and secure.”

Fire Chief Thode, “We look forward to the updates to critical infrastructure and equipment to benefit homeland security and safety initiatives, Bridgeport’s Emergency Operation Center, much needed updates to the Police marine fleet equipment and a replacement of a small, outdated shallow water rescue boat for the Fire Department– which has already rescued 57 people this year.”

The Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) provides funds to state, territorial, local, and private sector partners to support increased port-wide risk management and protect critical surface transportation infrastructure from all hazards.

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