City of Bridgeport officials advise residents and businesses that CT COVID-19 protocol includes fins for failure to comply

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Bridgeport, CT – City of Bridgeport officials announce that in accordance with Governor Lamont Executive Order 7NNN, the use of masks or facial coverings and restrictions on gatherings as COVID-19 mitigation protocol will now include fines for failure to comply.

Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7NNN authorizes the commissioner of Public Health, local health departments, municipal chief elected officers, and state and local police to issue fines for violations of certain COVID-19 protective measures. These include:

A fine of $100 for a person who fails to wear a mask or cloth face covering as required under Executive Order No. 7NNN.
A fine of $500 for any person or business entity who organizes, hosts, or sponsors a gathering that violates the gathering size restrictions set forth in the DECD Rules for Gatherings and Venues and Sector Rules for Outdoor Events.
A fine of $250 for any person who attends a gathering that violates the gathering size restrictions set forth in the DECD Rules for Gatherings and Venues and Sector Rules for Outdoor Events.

Here are the guidelines for businesses and attending patrons:

· 100 people max for outdoor private events

· 25 people max for indoor private events

· 50% capacity indoors for restaurants – Can be seated at the bar, to order meal service and must be served prepared food. No standing customer service. The intention is to have your drink(s) seated with meals. Patrons are not supposed to be seated at the bar without accompanying meal service. Groups at the bar must be separated by 6 feet.

· Outdoor bars and club events are prohibited. Restaurants can have outdoor dining not to exceed capacity dictated by Fire Marshal/Zoning and combined with indoor dining cannot exceed their posted capacity.

· If a restaurant or food establishment is hosting an event (e.g. wedding, reception, birthday party, etc.) they must follow indoor event rules which are capped at 25 people. Restaurants cannot hold events at 50% capacity.

For all of the above – patrons must wear a mask when not seated at a table eating/drinking.


· Performers/talent are exempt from wearing a mask when they are performing and are at least 12 ft away from the general public.


Performers/talent must wear a mask when they are performing and remain at least 6 ft away from the general public; musical vocalists are not allowed to perform indoors

Per the Governor’s executive order businesses must post a “2-1-1 sign” to direct patrons to report violations. Bridgeport residents can report large gatherings to 203-576-7671.

This executive order at large, reminds residents, businesses, and individuals hosting gatherings to follow all state guidelines that are in place as a protective measure for the safety and welfare of the general public in an effort to prevent the spread and contact of COVID-19.

City of Bridgeport officials will be complying with these directives as issued by the state to fine businesses, patrons, or individuals if they are found to be putting the public in danger by abandoning the guidelines as set forth by the state. Bridgeport Police Department along with the Health Department will be enforcing the protocols by responding to calls reported to the city hotline, as well as doing “spot checks” at local establishments throughout the city.

Health Director Lisa Morrissey stated, “We applaud the efforts of the many establishments and residents doing the all right things, such as wearing masks and avoiding large crowds. It is our sincere hope that people will voluntarily comply without the need for enforcement with a financial penalty. We know that if proper precautions are not followed while people are socializing it can result in the rapid spread of COVID-19 in our community. The enforcement efforts are aimed the few establishments that have refused to comply with the Governor’s executive orders.”

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