City of Bridgeport Police Department Announce Partnership with Liberation Programs to Improve Community Relations While Addressing Substance Use Disorders

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Bridgeport, CT – Chief of Police Perez, Assistant Chief Garcia, Health Director Morrissey, and Council President Aidee Nieves were joined by Council members and Liberation Programs at Washington Park to announce a partnership that will provide necessary connections to address addiction and mental health in the City of Bridgeport.

Onsite Liberation Programs staff are committed to providing prevention, treatment, and recovery services to individuals who exhibit at-risk behavior or seek help within the community. The partnership will offer outreach services by a Mobile Wellness Van parked in various locations throughout the city; twice a week, services will be provided at Washington Park. Staff includes a Prescriber and Physician Assistant who will offer immediate linkage to resources such as lifesaving treatment and harm-reduction supplies.

Assistant Chief Garcia stated, “We joined forces with Liberation Programs to assist people within our community and offer resources in areas where people may not necessarily have a voice. We decided, and we know, that when we offer resources to people that are in need—be it drug addiction or mental health matters– we are able to help make positive impact. This partnership is part of our policing efforts to make a difference and make a way for our communities to become safer.”

City Council President Aidee Nieves stated, “This is the first step to a community policing initiative that we believe the City and the Chief are going to change for the first time in the City of Bridgeport. This is about providing service to the community and service to our most vulnerable individuals in our community. And giving the accessibility and not stigmatizing people for addictions or afflictions that they may suffer from.”

Health Directory Morrissey stated, “While I am new to Bridgeport, this effort is not new to Bridgeport. Under the administration of Mayor Ganim, the Health Department has been committed to opioid recovery, to substance use disorder treatment, promotion of the services we have available in our community, and to prevent people from falling victim to this disorder.”

One of Fairfield County’s leading behavioral health organizations, Liberation Programs has already provided services to 26 individuals in Bridgeport since forming this partnership.

For more information, please call 855-LIB-PROG (855-542-7764), email, or visit

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