Governor Lamont reduces drought advisory for New London and Windham counties to Stage 2

HARTFORD, CT – On Thursday, Governor Ned Lamont announced that due to recent rainfall that has brought some relief to lower than normal conditions in the state, he is reducing the drought advisory that he declared in August for New London and Windham counties from a Stage 3 drought level to Stage 2. This change brings all eight of Connecticut’s counties to a Stage 2 drought level.

The governor made this decision at the recommendation of the Connecticut Interagency Drought Workgroup, a state entity consisting of several state agency representatives that meets as necessary to assess drought conditions and make recommendations to the governor on the state’s response.

“While recent rainfall over the past couple of weeks have brought some relief to Connecticut, particularly in New London and Windham counties, we are still seeing precipitation levels that remain slightly below normal,” Governor Lamont said. “As we enter fall, conditions are looking better than they were this summer, but we still urge everyone to be mindful of their water usage. I am hopeful that in the coming weeks our precipitation levels will be back to normal.”

There are five levels of declarations under the Connecticut Drought Preparedness and Response Plan:

Stage 1: Below normal conditions
Stage 2: Incipient drought
Stage 3: Moderate drought
Stage 4: Severe drought
Stage 5: Extreme drought

The Stage 2 drought level is intended as an awareness stage, identifying a moderate drought event that can potentially impact water supplies, agriculture, or natural eco systems. Residents are voluntarily asked to be mindful of their water consumption and take sensible steps to reduce impacts on water use.

As drought conditions began emerging this summer, Governor Lamont declared a Stage 2 drought level for all eight counties on July 14. He then increased New London and Windham counties to Stage 3 on August 18, while all of the remaining counties continued at Stage 2.

The Connecticut Interagency Drought Workgroup plans to meet again in November to evaluate conditions.

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