Lamont, officials respond to Trump’s consideration for a quarantine of parts of Connecticut

(NIAID Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML), U.S. NIH)

President Trump spoke to the media on Saturday and suggested that he might impose a quarantine on the tri-state area as a response to the large amount of coronavirus cases in the region.

New York City has become the new epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

Governor Ned Lamont was less than enthusiastic about the prospect of such a lockdown of our area.

“Regarding the President’s consideration of a quarantine of New York, as well as parts of Connecticut and New Jersey, our state has already called on residents to stay at home,” said Governor Lamont. “Further, if interstate travel is absolutely necessary, our state has directed travelers to self-quarantine to prevent against further transmission of the virus. I have been in close communication with Governor Cuomo and Governor Murphy, and I look forward to speaking to the President directly about his comments and any further enforcement actions, because confusion leads to panic.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also didn’t seem to subscribe to the idea and also questioned how would such a quarantine be legally enforceable.

Update (March 28, 2020 6:57 p.m.)

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong also issued a statement regarding President Trump’s quarantine comment:

“I could not agree more with Governor Lamont—confusion leads to panic and puts people at risk. Our leaders cannot think out loud at moments like this. They must speak with clarity and authority. Off the cuff comments by the President, made without necessary coordination with Governors on the front lines of this crisis—are not helpful. As we have been since day one of this crisis, the Office of the Attorney General is in close coordination with the Governor’s office to support our state efforts to protect public health and safety here in Connecticut.”

(Update (March 28. 2020 7:05 p.m.)

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) also issued a statement regarding President Trump’s comments:

“This proposed White House action seems unworkable, unenforceable, and possibly unconstitutional. It is also unsupported by medical or scientific facts. It’s more Trump ad hoc edict based on impulse, not informed judgment,” said Sen. Blumenthal.

“The specifics and impact of this proposed action are still deeply unclear and uncertain. The effect may be more confusion than confidence. Confusion fosters fear. Governor Lamont has been strong and effective in his leadership instructing Connecticut’s people to self-quarantine and stay at home if possible. President Trump should be collaborating with the governors, which he has failed to do. The governors have been ahead of federal authorities in their courageous and steadfast leadership, and their insights and input should be heeded,” said Sen. Blumenthal. “What we really need is masks, ventilators, and other medical supplies, not more confused mixed messages.”

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