Nutmeg is Teaching Members How to Stay Safe Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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ROCKY HILL, CT – Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union is stepping up to educate members and state residents about the safest banking options in the face of COVID-19. As a technology driven financial institution, the credit union is reminding everyone about its online resources—custom technology included—to encourage members to bank from the safety of their homes.

“Right now, banking remotely is more important than ever,” said John Holt, President and CEO of Nutmeg. “We are communicating all of our self-service options to our members to make sure they can manage their finances safely during this time.”

In addition to its large collection of self-service banking options, the credit union is also prepared to keep members informed as public access restrictions are slowly lifted. Nutmeg has already released important safety information about contactless payment methods, which allow in-person transactions with retail staff to be conducted safely and without an exchange of debit or credit cards. This communication is one of the credit union’s many efforts to ensure safety through the use of technology.

“If you need to go out and make an in-person transaction for any reason, you can rest assured that there are still options for you to protect your health,” said Holt. “Contactless payments are great because they are done using a secure digital wallet that holds your card information. We are making sure all of our members know about this as we prepare for businesses across the state to reopen.”

More information on contactless payments is available on Nutmeg’s website. The credit union is also planning on releasing additional safe banking information as necessary.

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