Volunteers from the Church of God Help Seniors with Leaf Clean Up

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Middletown, CT— On Sunday November 29, 2020, volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God provided leaf and yard cleaning services for senior citizens in Middletown. Over 60 members from the Church of God cleaned up and collected 140 bags of leaves, litter, and debris. They also removed fallen branches from the yards of seniors that needed assistance. The residents were deeply moved by the work of the Church of God volunteers and expressed their sincere gratitude for the support they received.

Linda Pierce, a senior and long-time Middletown resident, continuously thanked the volunteers for all their efforts in cleaning her yard. “I want to thank you so much. It has been hard the last couple of days, you just put a smile on my face and I just want to continue smiling for the rest of the day. And you gave me hope for the spring, my yard will turn into another graceful garden. You got to have a good church to produce people like this!”

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This is a special community service event, as many of the senior neighbors are unable to clear their own yards before the winter season begins. Kimberly White, a volunteer shared, “I’m glad we were able to carry out meaningful volunteer service for the seniors in our community. We were able to unite together and remove a large amount of leaves before the winter season comes. After seeing all the leaves that had fallen, I was thankful we were able to help those who needed assistance.” State representative, Quentin “Q” Phipps participated in the Church of God event as well. He expressed his gratitude to the volunteers as he believes it is important for everyone to work together as a community and to serve their neighbors.

The Church of God believes that sharing even small acts of love goes a long way. The Church of God in Middletown has carried out street clean ups, leaf clean ups and snow removal for senior citizens since 2014. The volunteers, who regularly carry out community service throughout the state, were thankful for the opportunity to give back to the senior residents in the Middletown community.

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